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Dr. MaryAnn offers coaching for writers in all aspects of the writing and publishing process. As a widely published, award-winning author, she loves to work with writers of all level, from beginners to professionals, in helping them achieve their writing goals.

If you are a writer or an aspiring writer and are looking for expert guidance and support, you have found the right person to help you. With over 45 years of experience in the writing and publishing field, Dr. MaryAnn can offer you not only professional expertise but also direction, encouragement, and accountability as you fulfill your dream of becoming a published writer.

What You Need to Know about Writing Coaches

1. What is a Writing Coach?

A Writing Coach helps writers reach their writing goals. These goals vary according to the writer and his needs and according to the writing coach and his background and experience.

A Writing Coach helps you get out of your own way so that youc an write your story and get it published.

2. How can a Writing Coach help me?

__A Writing Coach can help you develop success habits that will boost your confidence and assist you in finishing your book.

__Depending oan the Writing Coach, she can teach you the craft of writing ficiton and the business of writing and publishing.

__A Writing Coach can help you design a unique, individual plan for finishing your book or story.

__A Writing Coach can encourage you to stick to your plan by avoiding distractions. A Writing Coach can also help you modify your plan if necessary.

__A Writing Coach will provide accountability by holding you to your commitment to finish your book.

__A Writing Coach will help you create a schedule in line with your lifestyle and responsibilities.

__A Writing Coach will guide you through challenges affecting your creativity and productivity.

__A Writing Coach will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as a writer.

__A Writing Coach will offer you an outside, objective perspective when you cannot see the forest for the trees. Writers are notoriously too close to their work to evaluate it objectively.

__A Writing Coach will give you consistent feedback by being your sounding board, strategist, and fellow brainstormer.

__A Writing Coach will help keep you and your book in focus and on target.

__A Writing Coach will help you to identify wrong thinking patterns and develop a success mindset.

__A Writing Coach will ehlp you foresee challenges in the publishing process and overcome them.

What You Need to Know about Me

__I am primarily a fiction writing coach although I work with writers who write fiction or nonfiction.

__I hold the MFA in Writing Popular Fiction fro Seton Hill University, I also hold the PhD in French with a concentration in Comparative Literature.

__I am a widely published, award-winning author of fiction. You can learn more about my writing at maryann@maryanndiorio.com

__I have taught fiction writing at the university level.

__I have won many awards for my fiction.

__Writing fiction is my passion.

__I have published six novels, three novellas, and numerous short stories.

__I am not an editor, but I can refer you to excellent professional editors.

How the Writer Coaching Process Works

The coaching process is an individual process, differing from coach to coach and dependent on the individual writer client.

My process is to meet with my client based on a pre-arranged program and method of communication. (See my coaching packages at the link below). We meet via telephone, Zoom, or both. Between meetings, we communicate via email.

While this plays out differently for each client, I do follow a basic structure:

__I begin with a 30 to 60-minute evaluation call (either by phone or Zoom). The purpose of this initial call is to discover what is working and not working in your writing life. We then develop a plan in line with your strengths and weaknesses and your current lifestyle.

__I then give you short, customized weekly assignments to keep you focused while you pursue your ultimate writing goals for a particular project.

__I provided you with email feedbafk as needed to answer quick questions between sessions.

__I provide you with principles for achieving success in your writing career.

How Coaching Differs from Editing

The distinction between coaching and editing is often confusing. Although I do provide you with written feedback on your writing, I do not edit it.

An editor is someone with whom you usually work on a one-time basis. You send the editor your finished manuscript. Your editor edits it and then returns it to you with comments. You may never get to speak to your editor. Your only communicatio with your editor may be via email.

A Writing Coach, however, is someone with whom you stay in regular contact—usually weekly—over the period of tie you choose to be coached. A Writing Coach may offer you a ninimum amount of editorial feedback, but he does not deal with a finished manuscript. Instead, a Writing Coach guides the client in setting goals and in staying accountable to the client’s writing project. The goal of the Writing Coach is to get you from start to finish in writing your book.

How Much Do I Charge?

For coaching rates, please click here.

To hire Dr. MaryAnn, please email her at info@celebrationlifeandhealthcoaching.com

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