Do you want something more out of life?  Are you stuck in a rut or confused about what direction to take in your life, your job, your career? Do you feel frustrated with your current situation, but you don’t know how to change it?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be a candidate for life coaching.

I specialize in the following areas of coaching:

___Personal Life Coaching
___Health Coaching
___Time Management and Organization
___Women’s Issues
___Career Coaching
___Spiritual Development Coaching from a Biblical perspective
___Young Adult Coaching
___Mid-Life Career Transitions
___Coaching for Writers & Artists
___Retirees (Don’t retire: Refire!)

I coach both individuals and small groups.  All coaching is done by telephone or Zoom.

See my Pricing Page for life coaching rates.

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One-on-One Coaching


One-on-One Coaching is the most popular form of coaching. As the name implies, this type of coaching imvolves the coach and one client.  The coach’s attention is focused on a single client for the duration of the session.

One-on-One Coaching is also the most effective in terms of addressing a client’s unique individual needs. Whereas group coaching involves several people with different goals, one-on-one coaching enables the coach to focus entirely on the individual client’s goals.

See my Pricing Page for rates on one-on-one coaching.

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Group Coaching


Group Coaching is a form of life coaching that involves more than one person at the same time. Groups often consist of people with the same interests, like moms, or empty-nesters, or writers. Any group with shared interests can participate in group coaching.

Groups can also be comprised of people who do not share similar needs but have similar goals, such as starting a new career in mid-life or preparing for a new job after college graduation.

When I coach groups, I limit groups to no fewer than four participants and no more than seven.

See my Pricing Page for rates on group coaching.

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