Group Coaching


Group Coaching is a form of life coaching that involves more than one person at the same time. Groups often consist of people who share a common interest, like moms, or empty-nesters, or writers. Any group with shared interests can participate in group coaching.

Groups can also be comprised of people who do not share similar needs but have similar goals, such as starting a new career in mid-life or preparing for a new job after college graduation.

In a group coaching setting, Dr. MaryAnn follows a process similart to that of one-on-one coaching, with the exception that all participate in the discussion.

Participants in group coaching reap great benefit from the support of other like-minded people with whom they share the coaching journey.

Group coaching usually involves a two-to-three month commitment in which all members agree to participate.

Group coaching maximizes the combined experience, skills, and talents of all members involved in the group under the expert guidance of the Professional Life Coach.

Coaching groups are limited to no fewer than four participants and no more than seven.

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